Okpol roof windows made of top quality pine wood treated with fungicides and lacquered with three layers of water-based varnishes or maintenance-free white PVC profiles that absorb moisture and are resistant to atmospheric, chemical and biological agents, finished outside with aluminum profiles, they are an ideal solution for the natural lighting of the rooms under cover creating unique and comfortable environments, through the roof windows two times more light enters than through the vertical windows. Its double or triple glazing offers a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, incorporates tempered exterior glass with low heat emission film, cameras between glass filled with argon gas and laminated interior glass for greater safety, its pressure ventilation grid guarantees constant air entry into the room avoiding annoying condensation, both in its rotating versions, projectors with electric opening for greater user comfort or the new flat roof windows manufactured with White PVC profiles, in their different versions, fixed, Manual opening, with electric opening or passable.

The rainwater tightness is guaranteed thanks to the external flashing that fits perfectly with the windows, made of polyester and covered with an aluminum sheet can be installed on all types of roofs thanks to the wide variety of models, for curved, flat tiles , asphalt sheets, natural slate and sheet metal roofs.

To increase comfort inside the rooms there are multiple accessories both interior and exterior. Functional and decorative such as cotton curtains and pleated curtains with a wide range of colors and tones and darkening curtains that reduce the temperature and effects of UV rays graduating to the light input for a better rest.

The outer ring made of black fiberglass mesh fabric is installed on the outside of the window, increases protection against the sun and reduces both the entry of light and heat. The exterior blinds are installed outside the window, in its two electric or solar versions are operated with a remote control. They are the most effective product against the entry of heat in summer and cold in winter and considerably reduce outside noise.

All revolving windows in pine wood or PVC can be motorized for greater user comfort by means of wall push buttons or remote controls. They admit the installation of wind and rain sensors.