The SCARI retractable stairs are designed for installation as easy and safe access to both indoor and non-habitable indoor spaces.

The structure of the frame is made of 10/10 galvanized steel sheet with 12/10 reinforcement angles, incorporates a spring and closing shock absorber springs in tempered steel, fixing clamps and drop bars in galvanized steel.

The steps, which incorporate non-slip moldings, are made of 15/10 stamped steel sheet protected by electro galvanized with rubber support studs.

The panel of the insulated trapdoor is made of 16mm thick wood chipboard in the 4PZ AND PANTO versions, the MOTORAPALCO and WALL models are supplied with a 15mm thick top quality multilayer poplar wood hatch with a laminate Between layers of expanded polyethylene of 3mm thickness, on request all models can be supplied with trapdoor in MDF E1. The trapdoor guarantees a perfect closure and thermal insulation. For the opening of the trapdoor a rod with the end in the form of a pole is supplied.

All ladder models incorporate a telescopic ramp on the right side that makes it easier to get on and off, so you can install another one on the left side.

SCARI ladders have a maximum load of 150kg and comply with the UNI EN 14975-2007 resistance test.

Model 4PZ

Folding in 4 sections with 10 white lacquered steel steps


Folding in scissor type with 11 S-shaped steps


Folding by means of 240W electric motor incorporated in the trapdoor with manual release screw for opening in the case of lack of tension, with 11 white-painted steps, this model incorporates double handrails


Scissor-type folding with 11 S-shaped steps, it incorporates a wooden drawer with a metal cover in galvanized steel, gas-operated shock absorbers and window-type opening handle, it is specially designed to go out to flat roofs or difficult terraces access


Scissor-type folding with 11 S-shaped steps. It is designed for comfortable and safe access to the mezzanines.